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What’s happening today in the world of commies?

May 1, 2012

Today is May 1st.  The traditional day Communists around the world have celebrated their States and paraded their weaponry.  The OWS people chose today to make another one of their Statements about life’s unfairness.  We’ve already heard about how five of them wanted to blow up the Cleveland Bridge today, under the banner of “Anarchists.”  And, it wasn’t clear whether they only wanted to use the bridge as a diversion while they attacked banks in other sectors of Cleveland, as if there was any money there.  Either way, their interests were to create chaos.  Nice.  Doesn’t it make you want to join up?

I’ll be back later with more news about today’s events.  It’s only 3:19 PM.  Lots of time left to be left.

Okay, I’m back, it’s 6:41 PM.  Still haven’t heard any more about whether they blocked the Golden Gate Bridge yet.

One thing I did learn today, was this: Arianna Huffington has actually criticized Pres. Obama for suggesting Romney would not have given the bin Laden order.  I’m totally blown away by this.  Here’s the link:

Seriously, Arianna, what has happened to you?  You’re finally making some sense!
  1. Hi Dad! I was stymied by that plot to blow up the bridge in Cleveland. Really? Cleveland?? Not exactly an epicenter of economic, social or political influence. Of course, those boys looked like the valedictorians of Dumb-Ass High, to me. Their parents must be so proud.

    • bygeorgewashington permalink

      Hi Nicole!! Finally! A comment! Thank you! Yeah, they look like model anarchists, don’t they? I’m still trying to figure out what they had up their sleeves, other than explosives.

      • They looked like every home-grown terrorist that’s made the news in the US. White, male, 18-35 yo, dead-set “Tim McVeigh” eyes. *shudder*

        Oh, and I may not have commented before now, but I’ve been a loyal reader. Hope you’re enjoying your blogging experiences, so far. Love you!

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