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About me

James Fudd is not my real name, honest.  It’s not even my alter ego.  It is the real me, wishing at present to remain anonymous.

My major supporter questioned my use of this moniker.  She thought it cast me as a stupid person.  Well, “I’m not a smart man, Jenny,” but I think a lot about what’s going on in this world and what our media people tell us what’s going on.  Very often, too often, in fact, I find that the two things do not match.

Elmer Fudd was not stupid.  He just couldn’t see very well.  He knew there was a dastardly wabbit in his garden, eating his stuff, but he just couldn’t see it.  He too often shot at the wabbit when he knew he would miss.  But, he was just trying to save his garden.

Well, that’s what James Fudd is all about.  He’s searching, searching, for Truth, and when he finds that lying wabbit in the media’s garden, he’s going to shoot on site.

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