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The Leftist Press’ Diversionary Tactics – One Example

April 20, 2012
Here’s a good example of how the leftist press (what I call ‘de-press’) operates.  Here’s a story that reeks of compromise, danger to the President, public relations fiasco, and more negativity than you can shake a stick at.  But how does the Washington Post lead up to the story?  Like this: “One of the Secret Service supervisors who were (sic) forced out of the agency…..joking about a picture of himself standing watch behind Sarah Palin.”
Now, I ask, just what does Sarah Palin have to do with  this scandal?  And, on whose doorstep should this scandal be laid?  (Sorry, no pun intended.)
Is this another thing Pres. Obama inherited from Bush?  David Randall Chaney (rhymes with Cheney)?  I’m sure de-press will get around to that, too.  But, first they’ll have to acknowledge that both named agents in this story were hired by the Clinton administration.
But, for now, anyone who reads this article and any follow-up stories, will not first think of Pres. Obama, or his agencies.  An image of this guy leering at Sarah Palin will immediately pop into their heads.  And she had absolutely nothing to do with it.
James Fudd  
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