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A National Nightmare

April 12, 2012

April 12, 2012

A National Nightmare

Can’t we fix our healthcare system without trampling the Constitution?  or making people more subservient to the government?   and preserve the religious freedoms envisioned  by the Founders?

We have been living a 3-year long political and economic nightmare.  Any day, I expect to awaken, greatly relieved, and exclaim to Mrs. Fudd:

What an intense dream!   A guy with a strong dislike for America  was President, and ruled against our will.  He regulated businesses to death, and had the government take over our health.  Our beliefs didn’t matter so we had to fund abortions (contraception, he called it.)  If we didn’t have health insurance, we were fined.  Whatever we did, he apologized for to the rest of the world.  He wouldn’t issue permits to use natural resources, and gas went to $4, $5 a gallon, and more.  He made this tiny car that cost $40,000 and ran on one volt , but only could go 40 miles on a charge and you couldn’t fit your family in it.  He spent the treasury, borrowed $4 trillion more, and never said how we would ever pay it all back!

But, of course, it was not a dream.  It is real, and we’re all sharing in the nightmare.  We see our schools try and mold young people into compliant sheep for the state.  Our kids are told we’re destroying the planet with exhalations and by being here.  Pundits say the government will solve all of these problems if just given more time, money, and freedoms.  They plead for us to re-elect the incumbent.   And don’t even ask about jobs, wars, borders, or homeland security.   If we criticize or disagree with one, we are called racist.  When we try and learn what’s really going on, journalists with agenda omit the truth, or bend it, or delay reporting it, furthering  progressiveness, or whatever liberals now deign to call it.  Some, including our illustrious leader, might call it: “flexibility.”   Its political significance was understood quite clearly by the Russian in Seoul, who clearly said, “I will pass this information on to Vladimir.”

It’s amazing how all of this stuff now happens right under our noses.  And nobody seems to care.

This Obamacare debacle, now before the Supreme Court, is the latest progressive assault on our liberties.  It is NOT about health.  Oh, it might define it, and make provision for rationing it, but  2,700 pages?  This is purely new government POWER that most lawmakers didn’t even read, and some got compensated for voting for it!  After all the punditry about the ‘Obomination’ masquerading as a universal health plan, it is finally encouraging to hear some reasoned debate about its lack of constitutionality from a majority of the  Justices.   Obamacare is on life-support and the Court should just pull the plug.

By James Fudd

April 12, 2012

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