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The Tea Party is Alive and Well

April 13, 2012

 The liberals took God out of the school for a reason, and right on schedule.  They knew if they could get the populace to shy away from their religious convictions, they could attack the Constitution and the relevancy of the Founders.  They could then deny the influence of God on the minds of the Founders when they drafted, debated, and authorized the founding documents.  The Constitution details the things the government cannot do, rather, as the leftist is wont,  the things it can do with impunity.  This drives the liberal crazy, and gives sanctuary to the conservative.

The Republican-led Congress is denying Obama the passage of budgets and desired laws.  But, that does not stop him.  Under the Obama administration‘s relentless onslaught of executive orders, Congress has been made irrelevant to government in the modern age.  Now, a compliant and active press will obediently try and take the Tea Party out of politics for the 2012 presidential race, and for as long as they can get away with it.  They will try to taint the Tea Party in any way that suits the leftist agenda.

What the liberal pundits and press don’t understand or wish to acknowledge is, the Tea Party is not a bunch of racist, extremist, unruly  thugs, even though those same journalists persist in trying to paint it as such, and continue to try and cast the Occupy movement as one that is NOT racist, NOT extremist, NOT unruly, even while the Occupiers trash the ground they walk on, claim life has been unfair, and defecate on police cars.  You will find no such activity when the Tea Party assembles, at least from people who were there or from truthful journalists.  Every Tea Party event venue was left cleaner than it was before;  if there was any violence, any racism, it came not from Tea Party people, but from leftist taunters who were there for that purpose.  The Tea Party doesn’t claim life has been unfair to them.  The Tea Party claims the Government has been unfair to its citizens.

The Tea Party is not a movement that dies shortly after having begun; it makes no difference that an unbelieving press continues to castigate it.  Those who try to market the Tea Party label and use if for their own means fail.  This because the Tea Party is a Spirit, born of the Constitution, and nourished by the common thread of freedom.  In 2009 and 2010, it raised America’s constitutional consciousness about the real issues that confront us: the spending; the debt; the overreach; the czars; the loss of liberties.  Every time the Tea Party meets, they dump tea and tyranny into the Boston Harbor.

Does “de-press” think that the Tea Party, which had no tolerance for most of Obama’s initial policies and acts, would be more tolerant with the ones put in place between then and now, equally or more costly, equally or more over-reaching in terms of debt of liberties?

  • I’m sorry to burst the balloon of de press, but the Tea Party is alive and well.  And, I know many will hate to admit this, it is GOOD!  If the GOP decides to treat it as a liability, they would just as well commit political suicide.  Much like De Press has done.  But hey, “Resist we much”, as Al Sharpton says.

The people should know what de press is up to.  If “experts” can get the GOP to disavow the Tea Party, possibly a third party candidate will emerge – a sure win for Obama.  If his supporters in the Press shape  stories that divert attention from Obama’s failures, the people may pay attention to the diversion, instead.  These stories will take on a life of their own, regardless of their actual origins or truth of the event.  And De Press can be expected to tailor the stories to help Obama at the expense of his detractors.  This has already happened with the Trayvon Martin case, for instance.  And, because Obama’s policies can’t be run on, we can expect more of this type of diversion, as the left gets more and more desperate to hang onto power through Obama’s administration.

If there is one thing that galls the Tea Party, it is the malevolent lying of the press.  It is a rare thing to hear the truth coming from the mouth of a politician; alas, we’ve come to expect anything but.  Here we supposedly have freedom of the press.  But, sadly, that has come to mean: anything goes but the truth.  That is a calamity I refuse to tolerate.

James Fudd


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